Friday wisdom

1 My definition of happiness is having something that you love to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. 

2 That money doesn’t deliver happiness is obvious each time we read about a rich person in the entertainment industry who accidentally overdoses on drugs or commits suicide. How can people appear to have everything, and yet be discontent? Perhaps they have stopped dreaming. I believe each of us needs a reason to get up in the morning. We need something to anticipate – something that truly excites us. 

3 A truly happy person is someone who never quite reaches the rainbow’s end. I have enjoyed so much during my lifetime – far more than I ever dreamed possible. Still, I find it difficult to wait for the sun to come up on each new day. This is because I continue to have exciting prospects. Every day of my life, I thank God for giving me such happiness.

– Mary Kay Ash, 1997



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